Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
In the digital era, data privacy is a significant concern, and it matters to us at SalesAbbot. The following policy is a public declaration of SalesAbbot’s practices regarding information management. (which henceforth shall be referred to as “SalesAbbot,” “we,” “our,” “us”). This policy is drafted to help you understand the care we take to handle your personal information.
By visiting our website or utilizing our services, you acknowledge the terms of information utilization set herein or amended hereafter in this policy.

Security and Privacy

Effective Date: This Privacy Policy is effective as of April 30, 2021
SalesAbbot prioritizes data privacy and takes utmost care in ensuring the confidentiality of all personal information collected from subscribers. The information may only be shared with a third party when we positively ascertain that the products and services are relevant to your interest.
When a user visits our website, we collect information that is necessary to identify the user to help us serve better. The information gathered by us is limited to the domain name, IP address, and other information such as the pages visited by users, survey information, and email address. We use this information to send email alerts, promotional emails, e-newsletters, and logins to related sites.
SalesAbbot uses the collected information to build a demographic profile of visitors, subscribers, and prospects to improve the quality of content that we dispatch.

Information Usage Policy

All the information collected by us is used for business transactions, and occasionally, it may be utilized for notifying the users regarding modifications on the website, industry news, services launches, or promotional activities such as special offers on products and services that meet customer needs.
This also means that SalesAbbot, its partners, and staff may use customer information along with any other information that is obtainable from other sources to fulfill our commitment towards quality services.
Should you prefer not to receive any marketing materials from us, you may opt-out or update your preferences by sending an email to or you may call (702) 847-6222. Kindly note that any external website that you access through our site may collect your information that personally identifies you. This policy does not cover the information sourcing policy of third-party websites.
We recommend you to maintain the secrecy of personal information such as passwords and account information. Any personal information posted by you online may be consequential and could invite unsolicited interest from other parties. While we take the best measures to safeguard your privacy, SalesAbbot does not ensure the security of any information that you may have transmitted to us, and you may be responsible for such information.

Data Collection

SalesAbbot collects information with elements for business and consumers alike. All information is acquired from reliable sources, and quality control measures are taken to ensure the accuracy of the database.

B2B Information Collection

Our entire database is sourced from reliable sources that are listed below:
SalesAbbot does not collect generic information. User information is also gathered from various touchpoints on our website and other cobranded sites. When users are requested to submit personal information, that include name and contact information.

Information Sharing and Disclosure

To maximize the benefits for our customers, special offers valuable to users are dispatched from time to time. The subscriber’s information shall only be revealed to the third party where:
(i) SalesAbbot is fully confident that their product or services will add value to your business.
(ii) User authorizes us to do so.
(iii) Disclosing information to law enforcement and judicial authority is mandatory.
However, if the user has unsubscribed, SalesAbbot will no longer send any promotional materials unless subscriber’s opt-in again.

How SalesAbbot Protects User Information?

SalesAbbot follows best standards to safeguard the privacy of information and does not divulge any personal information to a third party without soliciting permission.

Measures Taken To Secure the Information

SalesAbbot protects your personal information using the latest and best security standards. Additionally, our business framework is conditioned to assess periodically the compliance with policies governing the safety of all personal information. Our well-structured hierarchy prevents unauthorized access to sensitive information. However, the best standards cannot always guarantee 100% safety of personal information. By using our services, you are acknowledging that we do not make such assurances and that you are engaging with our website at your risk.

What Information is collected?

(i) Information Submitted By Users: All information that is volunteered by the users in any manner. You may choose not to provide information, but you may miss the benefits of our features.
(ii) Automatic Information: When users visit our website, time of visit and Internet Protocol (IP) information may be collected to identify the visitor. Our website, like several others, collects such basic information about visitors.
(iii) Cookies: SalesAbbot uses cookies to track site usage. You may choose to accept or refuse our cookies. Please note that our service vendors may use cookies that are not covered under the terms of this policy.

Security of Information

SalesAbbot does not transact customer information obtained via tracking results, messages opened, click-through, messages read, or e-commerce conversation with any third party in any manner other than terms listed in the policy. All customer data shall be treated as the property of respective individuals.
SalesAbbot uses state-of-the-art firewalls and security measures to protect the site visitor and client information from internal and external elements such as loss, misuse, or unauthorized modification.
SalesAbbot relies on a third party for credit card transactions, and it is part of the distribution chain. Storing, retaining, and using this information in any manner is prohibited and is limited to payment processing alone. This information shall be accessible to staff processing the business function.

Email Communication

By registering with our services through forms on our website, you acknowledge sharing your contact details with SalesAbbot. The contact information is limited to a phone number, email address, name, IP address, etc.
SalesAbbot’s services and products shall be used only in a lawful manner, and users must not violate the laws (local, state, federal, or international).
This Privacy Policy is part of our efforts to conduct business in a legal and safe manner for fulfilling our commitment to excellence. By agreeing to this Privacy Policy, you are contractually bound to the terms and violation of such is treated as a breach of terms. It may lead to a complete termination of access to all our services.

Email Campaign Content

Quality control teams ensure that the subscriber receives the most relevant content fully compliant with international laws. SalesAbbot uses proprietary software with a specialized content algorithm to track the contents within the campaign system. Thus, it helps to lower the bounce rates and enhancing the delivery rate.

Opt-Out Policy

Users reserve the right to unsubscribe from the services at any point in time by opting out. If users feel that their information is erroneous to an extent that it threatens the integrity of privacy and security, you may wish to opt-out of the subscription. SalesAbbot is liable to oblige to the client’s interest and complete the termination of the subscription. You may opt out or update your preferences by sending us an email to or you may call (702) 847-6222. By agreeing to the terms of this policy, the user agrees that unsubscribing may not completely remove all erroneous information, and some residual information may remain in our database due to backups and multiple deletions.

Information Updation

To update any personal information or to unsubscribe from future mailings, email us at or call (702) 847-6222. Your request shall be processed in 24 hours.

In Compliance with CCPA & GDPR

At SalesAbbot, we adhere strictly to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). SalesAbbot has information of several clients and consumers, which is used to deliver optimum services for clients. According to the newly revised CCPA, California residents have certain rights to manage their data. Our team ensures to abide by this law strictly. The revised CCPA empowers state residents with the following rights:

Right to Opt-Out

Residents of California have the right to opt-out of companies selling their data to third parties. At SalesAbbot, we follow this rule and adjust the marketing messages accordingly. However, information collected from a government source is excluded from this right.

Right to Access and Request Disclosure

CCPA also allows you to request disclosing any information that companies collect. SalesAbbot responds promptly to such consumer requests. Overall, you can request disclosure of the following information:

Right to Deletion

Consumers have the right to request the deletion of certain information from our database. However, not all data qualifies for this request. We may deny the right to deletion if the information complies with legal obligations. Also, the ‘right to deletion’ is subject to denial if the data needs retention in cases like:

Right to Know

You are entitled to know about your data collected, the sources of collection, and third-party services that are aware of your data. Furthermore, you can also request the business purpose for data collection. In addition, CCPA empowers consumers with the right to equal services and the right to access. CCPA has some differences compared to European laws (GDPR) ( For more detailed information, visit the CCPA compliance page(

Revision Of Privacy Policy

SalesAbbot reserves the right to modify this privacy policy without prior notification. This privacy policy may be updated periodically, and users are requested to make themselves aware of the changes by revisiting our Privacy Policy page on our website or when you receive a notification about the modification. Under normal circumstances, subscribers may receive a notification about any new changes made to this policy. Customers who have signed up for the promotional newsletter may also be notified via e-mail in case the terms of the Privacy Policy are modified. Thus, by using our website or services, you agree to the conditions of this Privacy Policy without any limitations.


SalesAbbot does not engage in business with minors (under 18 years). If you are a minor, you may use the website or its services in the presence of a parent or a guardian.


SalesAbbot does not endorse any external links you may have found on our sites. We are unobligated for any responsibility for information submitted by users to their external links. You may use these sites and links at your risk.

Changes to Our Privacy Policy

If we change our privacy policies and procedures, we will post those changes on our website to keep you aware of what information we collect, how we use it, and under what circumstances we may disclose it. Changes to this Privacy Policy are effective when they are posted on this page.

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